Bike ride to Dechenphu Lakhang

Last Sunday we ignored the forecast for rain, grabbed our bikes and headed up the Thimphu Valley. Our goal was to cycle about 20km to the end of the road and hike up to Changri Goemba (which means Monastery). Without a map, and with little in the way of directions, we followed the Thimpu Chhu (river) upstream along potholed and occasionally muddy roads. We predictably got lost, and ended up discovering the beautiful Dechenphu Lakhang.


One response to “Bike ride to Dechenphu Lakhang

  1. Hi Randall and Antonia, I can give you good directions if you’d like to make it to Cheri next time. By the way, you found Dechenphu Lakhang, home of Thimphu’s local deity. I think it one of most elegant that I’ve seen, design-wise.

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